DIKSHA ARTS is working to promote illuminating artistic interactions internationally, particularly between the principals' native and adopted homelands of India, America and Japan.

Phase I: Inspiring Work from India
India is mother to countless ancient yet perennially renewed cultural traditions and continues to birth an astonishing diversity of art, craft and musical virtuosity.

Although we do represent artists from other parts of the subcontinent, the bulk of our current connections radiate from Udaipur, Rajasthan. Famed as the city of the rising sun and the Venice of India, Udaipur is nestled amongst the ancient pre-Cambrian Aravalli hills and was for centuries the capitol city of the princely state of Mewar. A popular oasis on the ancient caravan trade routes, the city became a Mecca for artists and craft masters, who still number over 3,000 today.

Now a renowned heritage city, Udaipur is home to a wide assortment of customs, creeds and ethnicities bonded in mutual appreciation by centuries of collaborative resistance to Mughal and British rule. Though now incorporated into the Indian Republic, Udaipur's distinctive Mewari culture remains intact in myriad hearts and homes; and is closely tied to the area's dramatic beauty, syncretic traditions and its peoples' fierce historic valor in Mewar's self-defense.

Udaipur's modern art has grown out of a lush collage of Shaivic, Vaishnav, Jain, Sufi, and indigenous tribal influences and been irrigated by classical genres and western genius, too. With imagery infused with romance, passion and often endearing humor, Udaipur's art scene offers a bubbling cauldron of creative surprise to all sensitive and adventurous souls.

Many Udaipur artists have made their mark on the national scene and a growing number are now exhibiting internationally. Virtually all of the artists we proudly represent are not only masters of their media, they are also deeply engaged and committed citizens who contribute time and talent to social, educational and environmental causes around the nation and the town.

It is therefore with deep gratitude that we welcome their entrusting their work to us for introduction to the wider world.

We will eventually also be presenting intriguing work from Japan and North America, but for now please join us to celebrate these unique visions and virtuosos from India and Mewar.

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