Kyoto Rendezvous Gallery

Featured Works

  • Summer Gold Rush by Meena Baya
  • Landscaby Kiran Murdia
  • Lake City by Kiran Murdia
  • Fanci-fall by Meena Baya
  • Lake City by Kiran Murdia
  • Spirit Trails by Meena Baya
  • Rituals by Kiran Murdia
  • Garden Brocade by Meena Baya
  • Moonlight by Meena Baya
  • Interconnection by Meena Baya
  • Stormworks by Meena Baya
  • Dream Princess by Meena Baya
  • Mendicant by Meena Baya
  • Hidden Temples by Meena Baya
  • Entwinned by Meena Baya
  • Emergence by Meena Baya
  • Flying Kites by Kiran Murdia
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Welcome to a brilliant two-woman show curated by Diksha Arts
at Kyoto's avant garde Rendezvous Gallery - Nov 23 to Dec 22.


Curator Rita Dixit-Kubiak introduces the exhibition

For Japanese cable TV in Los Angeles
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Asahi Newspaper

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Kyoto Minpo Newspaper


Mainichi Newspaper




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